Oncology department №2

Head of the department:

Vorobyova Anna Nikolaevna

Telephone: (+375 17) 516 71 05

The department provides rehabilitation for patients who have undergone thyroid surgery. Rehabilitation measures are aimed at correcting conditions that have arisen in the early period after surgical treatment or in the long-term postoperative period.

At the stage of early postoperative rehabilitation, thyroid hormone replacement therapy is selected taking into account the histological forms of the disease, taking into account the age and concomitant pathology. Subsequently, recommendations are given on the frequency of monitoring the hormonal status at the outpatient stage.

The department carries out the correction of complications associated with a decrease in the level of calcium, the selection of the dose of calcium and vitamin D preparations under the control of a biochemical blood test. Postoperative treatment of voice disorders with the help of drug therapy, physiotherapy is carried out under the supervision of an otorhinolaryngologist, a phoniatrist, individual lessons with a phonopedist are conducted. Postoperative traumatic injuries of the branches of the trigeminal nerve, the roots of the cervical and brachial plexus are carried out under the supervision of a neurologist using modern medicines, individual lessons with an instructor of physiotherapy exercises.

Physiotherapeutic measures aimed at improving wound healing processes have found widespread use with proven efficacy.

The basics of knowledge on the rules of behavior in the postoperative period, the rules for taking medications, diet therapy, patients receive in the "School for a patient with thyroid diseases."

The department treats patients with diabetes mellitus, taking into account the existing complications:

  • control of blood glucose during the day, study of the level of glycosylated hemoglobin, determination of microalbumin in urine, glomerular filtration rate according to the clearance of endogenous creatinine, is carried out
  • drug correction of glycemia under the control of glucose levels throughout the day;
  • correction of lipid metabolism disorders;
  • correction of blood pressure with modern antihypertensive drugs;
  • treatment of vascular complications caused by diabetes mellitus;
  • treatment of complications from the peripheral nervous system;
  • correction of excess weight.
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