About Center

The Centre is located 10 km away from the edge of the town, in a picturesque forest, on the bank of an artificial lake, near the settlement of Gorodische. The combination of moderate climate of the mid-European geographical area, beautiful landscape, mixed forest and clean air provides the most favorable conditions for rehabilitation activities.

A rich material and technical base, modern medical equipment and a high level of qualifications of specialists allow us today to carry out rehabilitation using modern methods of treatment and advanced rehabilitation technologies.

The center is equipped with modern special rehabilitation equipment (apparatus for general low-frequency and low-intensity pulse magnetotherapy "Magnitoturbotron", apparatus "Magnitomed", apparatus "Lymphatic", "Pressomed").

Over the years of work in the institution, a team of like-minded people has formed, who are distinguished by a high professional level, enthusiasm, responsibility and love for their work and patients.

Rehabilitation of patients is carried out in accordance with directions issued by doctors of territorial clinics or other health care institutions of the Republic of Belarus.

At the request of the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, paid medical services are provided in accordance with the current legislation.

The center provides paid medical services to citizens of the near and far abroad on a paid basis in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus

Working hours:


from 08.00 to 17.00

Day off Saturday, Sunday.


Paid services: (+375 17) 516 70 44

Reception office: (+375 17) 516 70 89

Reception director: (+375 17) 516 69 18,

                       факс (+375 17) 516 69 17

Accounting department: (+375 17) 516 69 12

Human Resources Department: (+375 17) 516 69 21

Registry of the consultative and polyclinic
(+375 17) 516 70 40

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